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Support bad art, buy a shirt. Contributions to bad art are always appreciated. makes fun of the various issues facing today's society. Come in and laugh hard enough to have milk come out your nose! The stories are mostly about ruthless greed, but time is given to cover the flu, fire ants, snakes, illegal aliens, Tourettes, angry fish, smoking, binge drinking, death, and a lot of fires. There is sound, so please turn on your speakers because this site is funnier with sound!

The Big Island Snake House is about a guy who figures he can make more money if he fires his illegal alien helper and hires a family of pit vipers living behind his steak house restaurant. A lot of people become sick and the owner becomes wealthy enough to move his business to the big island.
The Snake Mine is the prequel to Big Island Snake House and explains where snakes come from.
Fish Gets a Bling is the third installment of Big Island Snake House. A fish in the lagoon by the Big Island Snake House finds a gold crown during a Tourettes convention.
The Big Island Delivery Service is a story about using a low tech delivery method in a modern world.
Honu Goes Bad is a story about a sea turtle with a love for lighters and fires.
The Beach Trip is a story about a family of snakes who decide to leave their mountain resort for a day of fun and sun at the beach. What results is a panic at the beach and a new home for the snakes.
The Surf Freaks is a story about some kids who quit school to spend their lives surfing. Unfortunately, they get caught on the news and everyone soon hates them.
The Big Island Casino is a story about how the snakes fill in for absent employees at the Island Casino. Whether it is running craps, roulette, wheel-of-fortune, poker, or just being a drink hostess, the snakes can do it all. There is a new cashier/complaint department as well as a well stocked store full of very bad merchandise for all the tourists. Welcome to the Big Island Casino. Gaming with aloha style.
The Worst Flu Ever is an end-of-the-world type of story. Everyone except for Michelle, comes down with the flu and dies.
The Fire Ant Invasion is a story about the current infestation of fire ants in California. The ants soon take over the world and everyone dies.
The Illegal Aliens is an ongoing effort that explains where illegal aliens come from. The story is a work in progress for higher bandwidth users. Hopefully it will make it into The Festival of Animation.
Stories, illustrations and animations by Clark Jenkins. Copyright Clark Jenkins 2004-2008. All rights reserved.
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