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Recipes for your luau
Here are some easy recipes for your next Luau, including Hawaiian Macaroni salad.
Island Gratitude for genuine Hawai'ian gifts

Island Gratitude - The taste of Hawai'i.

Our goal is to provide the best and most original gifts from Hawaii.
100% Kona coffee, Hamakua Coffee, Hawaiian macadamia nuts, gifts
snacks, and cookies.  The taste of the islands, direct to you. Are you looking for a hotel on the island of Kauai of Hawai'i? Check out Lihue Hawaii - Lihue Hotels offers great rates on several preferred hotels near Lihue, Hawaii.  
Quality Web HostingQuality Host Online for all your web site hosting needs.  
Brenna Hamrick-Stotts

Voted favorite dentist in March 2007 Inland Empire magazine! Dr. Brenna Hamrick Stotts is the dentist that dentists go to. If you absolutely do not love going to the dentist, then you need to see Dr. Brenna Hamrick Stotts in Redlands.

"In this day and age of fast food and quickie marts, I've chosen instead to keep my practice just the opposite: calm, relaxed, and incredibly comfortable."

- Dr. Brenna Hamrick Stotts, DDS 

Phone: (909)793-9711

Previx Antivirus

Computer security. What is your hard drive worth to you? Do you have Norton, Symantec or Trend Antivirus? I have used all three. Now I use Prevx. They fixed two problems that Trend did not discover.

Pacific Dent Repair Pacific Dent Repair is Joe Etter's mobile Paintless Dent Removal Service. Pacific Dent Repair services the Inland Empire area. If you have small dents and dings and don't want to send your car to a body shop for costly repairs, this is for you. 951-789-4825

Koi pond design, construction, and do it yourself supplies. Free quotes!
Featuring Savio, Oase, Tetra, Cal Pump, and many other award winning manufacturers. We want to prove that you can get first class service without having to pay extra for it.


Merchant Service GroupCredit Card Processing First Data merchant processing allows you to go straight to the company that processes your card, allowing you to go direct rather than through a 3rd party like a bank that will overcharge you.   
Chris Lingford Chris Lingford wants a new job. Not only does he want a job, he wants a state, city, or federal job. He is a world traveller. Chris is talented in HTML, XHTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP and other stuff. Chris helped out in the early days. Call him: (909)583-4890
Dr. Eggplant
Superior Automotive Warehouse Superior Auto Warehouse is a local parts distributor located at 2021 Rancho Drive, 'Suite 2', Redlands, California  92373
Azureus finds files Looking for movie, image, software or something naughty? You really really want to own this software. Look for torrent files, or magnet links.
Mininova: the ultimate BitTorrent source

Want to download a movie, a television show, or whatever? Search for it now

Vintage Hawaiian Shirts
The best selection of Vintage Hawaiian Shirts anywhere in the on-line world !
Search with dogpile


All the best search engines piled into one.

Dogpile was ranked highest in customer satisfaction, two years in a row.

Experience the “Aloha Spirit” of the emerging “Bad Ass Coffee Culture” as it fans out across the globe like a warm Hawaiian breeze.

“The native people of Kona, Hawaii, remember the days of the "Bad Ass Ones."  The bellows of the donkeys could be heard echoing through the mountains as they hauled the heavy loads of coffee up and down the mountainside.  In honor of these hard working donkeys, we named our coffee company.  The legend of the Kona Nightingale lives on right here at The Bad Ass Coffee Company™.”

Such is the legend of the Bad Ass Coffee Company™ and our noble mascot, those hard working donkeys, known as the “Kona Nightingales.”  Come visit a Bad Ass store location near you and experience the Legend of the Bad Ass for yourself.

Comparco Auto insurance quote - Car insurance doesn't have to be complicated - get a quote today - I have no idea how or why they found, but last month, they referred almost 10% of my traffic. Thank you. - I have absolutely no idea why they send me traffic. It is not a lot, but I am still thankful. - Art Resources


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Title: Fish Gone Bad
description: Fish Gone Bad has interesting cartoons and  merchandise.  Come in and laugh until milk comes out your nose.  There are surely snakes, illegal aliens, binge drinking, vomiting, diarrhea, freaks, poisonings, Tourettes Syndrome, cursing fish, death, explosives, nudity, prostitution, a flu pandemic, a ruined Christmas, a ruined Halloween, a terrible Thanksgiving, and a really bad New Year.  Life is better when you can make fun of the problems that really matter.

Fish Gone Bad

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